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Jane worships life and takes every day as it was the last. She enjoys every beautiful moment and tries to pass the passion on. She has dedicated her life to music and art in order to find new ways of expression and giving.

Lektorka Jana

Why she does tantra massage:

Tantra means a journey to me. A journey towards the essence of human being. It means philosophy and art, where perfect understanding with other human being is like a symphony – something we tend to often omit. Sharing an energy and opening new gates of wisdom is a profound experience, very similar to first human touch. It is full of joy, happiness, mutual trust and respect. In Tantra I found a beauty of body, soul and endless opportunities for encounters and discoveries. I´ll be more than happy to guide you through the hidden corners of your senses. I will clear a new path to your own wisdom as well as to the world around us.


  • Charles University
  • New Age University student
  • Sport and fitness massage course
  • Indian head massage course
  • Breuss massage course
  • Tantra massage for professional therapist course
  • Precious stone healing course
  • Tantric yoga course
  • Body in motion seminar
  • Chakras and work with energy seminar
  • Mask and mimesis seminar
  • Communication in practice seminar
  • Symbolic theory of culture seminar
  • Theatricality seminar


Teacher of tantra massage for individuals, couples and professional Tantra therapists, work with energy lecturer, Taoist techniques courses.

Hi Jana,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for starting me on this amazing journey of self-discovery! Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. I am becoming a bit more tactile!! Hope to see you soon to carry on further. Thank you again
We just finished a three day private course with Jane yesterday. We are extremely happy about the instruction and experience we got from Jane. We are so happy to run into a wonderful teacher like her. She was a master in creating the right atmosphere and helping us understand tantra. She also opened us up to the spiritual side of tantra which we were very interested about. Above all, she is a very fun and positive person, we are very happy to spend time with her. We definitely would like to come and learn from Jane in the future after we practice ourselves a bit. Also, the place was very comfortable and well prepared for learning. We enjoyed everything about the course.
Linet and Moris
My dear Jana, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, even for someone like me, who "knows everything already".... you touched my body and my soul in a very special way. I will remember our time together as profound and unique time in my life.
I would like to congratulate you on having a massage specialist like Jana in your team. She is truly an expert of Tantra and also understands how to make people feel at ease and relaxed right from the beginning. There is really nothing I would want to improve... and the fact that this was my second massage in your studio speaks for itself, I assume.
I love the interior of the place, the friendly welcome by your receptionist and also - and most of it all the contact and massage with Jana. Her English is exceptionally good, she has a great, positive and sparkling personality and she did a wonderful massage, which felt intimate and professional at the same time.

Please pass my sincere thank you to her; I will certainly come back to her one day soon.

Also, I am planning to recommend her to my friend, who is curious to try Tantra massages.

Kind regards,
The energy between me and Jana was great. Right from the start I felt comfortable, open and free to experience things. Free that I can be myself. I liked that she is experienced, calm and open. She has a lot of intuition and can use it to read our bodies. I got nice feedback from her. She also can really use colors of energy. She also suggested me to upgrade my experience by the four hands massage with Teresa and explained that they are feeling great massaging together and that it can be a powerful journey for me. I will definitely come again.
Dear Miss Torstenova,

I would like to share my experience from your studio. I’m a very demanding person and I have to say, that my tantra massage with Jana, the trainer, was one of the best I have ever received in your studio. Beside that I appreciate that the rooms are very well decorated, atmosphere is good and the center is very clean. I feel secure and safe anytime when I go to your studio. The website is very nice and informative and my contact with the receptionist is always right. They have very well English and they seem to care for clients and manage privacy well. The welcome in the center is professional and discrete. Thanks for everything you have created. With best regards
First of all, Jane is just brilliant. A natural teacher and a really fun person who is both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about tantra. Her teaching style is just perfect - informal yet firm at the same time, an incredible skill to have.
I was wondering how to enrich our life after being married for over 6 years. Today I know that choosing the tantra massage course "From touch to intimacy" was the right choice! I spent three wonderful and inspirational days in Prague, learning the great art of tantra massage. Moreover, I have met a nice and inspiring person who was our lecturer. Thank you, Jane, for all your beautiful thoughts and for the beautiful guidance of my hands. During the training, I was amazingly relaxed and open to new ideas. I noticed, that many things have changed after I came back home. I love to use my new tantric skills to my husband and even he got inspired so much, that he no longer wants to be a receiver, but he wants to learn how to please me. He will visit your center very soon! Thank you for bringing new spark into my life.
Simona, 44
Dear Tantra massage Prague, I want to give a short feedback about my experiences at your studio. Jana, Eva and Barbara, were just lovely people who made the learning experience wonderful. I got good feedbacks and advices. Jana is a great teacher and holds a lot of knowledge and skills that she
shared with me. After finishing my lessons, I also had two tantra massage sessions with Michaela and Ema. Great people who gave me an amazing experience with tantra from the other side! Thank you for your kindness and hopefully I’ll see you again.
Dear Jana,

I would like to thank you again for the beautiful journey into Tantra massage. I really enjoyed your teaching and the nice atmosphere all along the weekend. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Please thank again to Eva, our model, as well the precious moments spent with her will remain in my mind. I wish you all the best.
I had a great experience from the weekend course of tantra massage "From Touch to Intimacy". I especially appreciate a pleasant environment of the studio, excellent lecturer Jana and very practical knowledge of tantra massage. I have learnt a lot and got a new inspiration for my relationship as well.
I want to say “thank you” to my teacher Jana for her individual approach within the course “How to Satisfy (Not Only) Men”. It was a very enjoyable weekend for me, when I have learned a lot of new things. Despite the influx of information, I left relaxed and in an excellent mood. I definitely recommend this training.
Dear Tantra Massage Prague,

I would like to share my last experience from tantra massage with Jana. At the end of the most amazing massage I have ever had in my life, Jana knelt down beside me, softly stroked my cheek and whispered, “Are you still alive?” I really wasn’t sure. I felt like I had been on an incredible journey, transported to another place over the 90 minutes of devoted attention from a woman with the touch of an angel. Her electrifying caresses varied from body shuddering finger nail strokes to deep and vigorous forearm pressure. This was no cheap, quick thrill; it was a mesmerising, slow and skilful application of massage techniques that generated enough energy to light a city. And it covered every part of the body, from head to toe, with just the right pressure and speed to fit the moment. It was like she was moving a river of water within my body; easing blockages and relentlessly building waves of pleasure.

My hands began to tingle with an intensity that grew and grew until they felt ready to explode, the energy rising up my arms and filling my head. All the time, Jana was creating and dispersing this energy throughout my body, ensuring that the fire spread unceasingly from one energy centre to the next. I felt whole, healthy, in tune. My breathing began to mirror her own deep, rhythmic exhalations, the soft touch of her breath on my skin penetrating into the layers below.

The experience was an amazing fusion of mindfulness, sexuality, beauty and yoga that is so much more than, and quite different to everyday sexual experience. I could still feel it that evening as I lay tingling in bed. Which is the sad part, because I want this everyday now!

The surroundings are beautiful and peaceful, as is Jana, but what stands out is her compassion and devotion to the experience. At times during the session she would just stop and breathe deeply, totally focussed on the moment and the integrity of her task.

She was lovely to talk to before and after the massage and I just hope that one-day, when I get the chance to visit Prague again, I can repeat the experience but for a longer time. In the meantime I want to learn more about the magic of Tantric massage myself, wherever I can in the UK.

Thank you Jana. May you be well. May you be happy. May you be loved.
Jake from UK
Dear Jane,

I consider it lucky, that I met you, and if one has a good luck, it is a sign that it on a right track. Thank you and see you soon.
Hello Jane,
I would like to thank you and pay a tribute for Saturday tantra massage. It was truly amazing. It gave me a lot of new energy and somehow more comfort and a smile during this gloomy winter. It was incredibly gentle caress for both, body and soul. I felt very calm and balanced after the massage. Your choice of essential oils was also amazing. When I smelled to my clothes next day, I was able to recall all the experience and I felt so good again! Thank you for wonderful experience!
Dear Michelle and all Tantra massage in Prague,

I already tried a lot of tantra massage all over the world, but czech tantra is very different from other countries. Tantra massage in your massage center was the best I have ever experienced! Beautiful masseuses, interiors... everything. Your place is pure tantra - new beautiful experience. Thanks to Jana and Míša.
Hey guys,

I have visited your place twice so far and I have to say it´s a phenomenal experience. I had a masseuse therapist Jana. She had such good energy, she was talkative and easy going :).I was afraid it would be awkward but because of her attitude it was splendid. Her fingers are something else! Every time I will have a business trip in the Czech Republic I will definitely go there!
Please pass on my thanks to Jana and Kristyna for a wonderful tantra massage. I look forward to seeing you all again when I return to Prague. Kindest regards
I would like to point out an abnormal quality of massaging work of Miss Jana, who devoted not only her hands to tantra massage but also her soul. My curiosity keeps nudging me to ask Jana – how often do clients fall in love with you? :-)
I had my very first experience with tantra massage with you and I just want to say it was wonderful, amazing and endlessly inspirational. Right on spot after the massage it was hard to formulate my ideas but it got easier with a few days distance. It was really an uplifting experience that will always remain with me deeply as a resource of much energy. It was something fresh and real, almost intoxicating! I even feared it could be addictive… so again, thanks much, Jana!
Dear Miss Jana,

First of all I would like to thank you for unforgettable and hardly describable experience and the fact I managed to “switch off” with you after long three years. I admire the way you work with inner energy spreading it all over the body. It is quite incredible allowing the feelings during tantra massage get even stronger. During the massage I kept saying to myself I would never end as I have actually never experienced something so pleasant and relaxing. Three hours with you are simply not enough :-).
Hello, Jana!

I would like to thank you for a wonderful Saturday night Tantra experience. Again, I am back in good mood and full of energy. It was simply perfect. Thanks for being here.
Bonsoir Jana,
Le plaisir que j'ai eu l'année derni?re n'a d'égal que celui que
connu cette année grâce aux attentions dont vous m'avez gratifié.

Quand je vous ai dit que que vous étiez exceptionnelle dans toutes
attentions que vous portez ? la personne avec laquelle vous
partagez ce
pur moment de bonheur, je le pensais vraiment.
Vous avez assurément une façon d'?tre ? l'autre qui vous rend
unique. Les sensations de bien ?tre, je les ai expérimentées
profondément. Ce ne sont pas seulement vos mains expertes mais
votre rapport ? l'autre qui vous rend exceptionnelle.
Saint Exupéry s'exprimait ? travers le Petit Prince en disant
qu'on ne
voit bien qu'avec le c?ur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

J'ai vu avec le c?ur la belle personne que vous ?tes et j'ai
tout le plaisir que vos mains peuvent apporter.
Encore merci pour ce massage des plus voluptueux.

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