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What is a prostate?

Prostate is a part of male genitals and one of the most important endocrines in a male body; it is sometimes called the male G-point. It is located inside of the pelvis and is accessible through the anal hole or outside by detecting it through a perineum. A healthy prostate is of a round shape and in a size of a walnut or a chestnut and its massage brings deep and intense sexual feelings. Its secret is a part of ejaculation and it intensifies the life force of the sperm. A prostate should not painfully react to touching.

Why is prostate massage important?

Prostate massage is a gate to new and often unknown and exciting sexual experience. In combination with a lingam (penis) massage it brings a deep and stormy orgasm. Its stimulation has literally healing effects; it helps preventing prostate cancer, erection and urinating issues cause by hypertrophy of a prostate. Its regular stimulation is a path towards a long quality sex life and health. Moreover it leads men to a deep physical and mental relaxation and ability to enjoy and develop an accepting role.

How is prostate massage done?

Prostate massage is a regular part of a tantra massage so it relaxes the whole body and gets ready for this intimate part. During the massage there is a very intimate and trustworthy atmosphere without any embarrassment or shame. The prostate massage begins on the outside as a perineum massage (between your scrotum and anal hole) and continues with a direct massage through anus by using massage oil or a lubricant. For hygiene reasons a latex glove is used during internal massage. Prostate massage should never be painful because the masseuse works carefully and slowly and gets the whole bottom and anus ready at the beginning. She enters the anus very sensitively and slowly until it is ready for deeper stimulation. Prostate massage is best received in a vertical position belly down but it can be also be a part of a massage more than one time, for example together with an intimate massage of lingam also in position on your back. Prostate massage is unique by the fact a masseuse takes on an active role and gives you the feeling you can fully rely on her hands and forget everything else. It is advisable to let your body lead the massage and express yourself orally if you like.

Is any preparation required for prostate massage?

It is recommended to open bowels prior to the massage in a regular way and get a shower. To clean your bottom are we recommend a shower gels for intimate hygiene that have a Ph factor similar to human body causing little irritation. No other preparation is required.

Is prostate massage pleasant to everyone?

There are many taboos regarding prostate massage and its stimulation is not a common part of a regular sex life. Therefore prostate massage is not an ecstatic experience for all at first. Some are able to enjoy prostate massage with a deep orgasm already for the first time; others can feel embarrassed or shame and little relaxed to discover what the massage offers. In the later cases it is necessary to take gradual steps to gain a full trust towards your masseuse, which finally causes you more pleasure. So if your first prostate massage didn’t fulfil what your expected, definitely keep on experimenting :-).

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Video report from our tantra massage

Video report from our tantra massage
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