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Manguri is called Petr Šindelář in everyday life. He’s had over twenty years of experience with Tantra, first as a student under the guidance of the best Tantra teachers in the world, then as a lecturer of Tantra with over 15 years of experience in handing over Tantra teaching in individual and group courses.

Tantra masseuse Manguri

In my practice I use Tantra philosophy and techniques, work with breath and conscious touch, Tantra rituals as a tool of transformation and worshiping, Taoist approach, elements of psychotherapy aimed at the body, Gestalt psychotherapy approach, meditation, games, breathing techniques, dancing and other forms of personal development. I enjoy working with an oracle (tarot) and Greek mythology.

Academic education

  1. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, field of computer science (academic title of RNDr.)

Massage education

  1. Centre for Regeneration Education in Prague. Course of Sport and Reconditioning Massage accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  2. Oskar Hodosi: Tantra and yoga massage.

Workshops and seminars

  1. Margo Anand: Everyday ecstasy.
  2. Sky Dancing Institute in Munich: Tantra course led by Aman Peter Schröter and Eva Szabo.
  3. John Hawken: Tantra course Holy Body and Passionate Spirit
  4. Daniel Odier: Kashmiri Tantra
  5. Gestalt Therapy Institute: Two-year course in Gestalt therapy for helping professions.
  6. John Hawken: Course for Tantra teachers.


  1. Tantra and Tantra massage course for groups
  2. Individual Tantra guidance and preparation for Tantra lovemaking for individuals and couples
  3. Male topics and conscious work with sexual energy.
  4. Tantra partnership and the path to love and freedom.
  5. Rituals as a form of communication with existence.
  6. Symbols and their significance in life


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