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A lecturer of Tantra massage courses and Tantra sex school, an experienced Tantra massage therapist and guide. Primarily, she provides lessons of Tantra massage for individuals and couples, but she also guides you through personal Tantra issues.

Tantra masseuse Andrea

In my practice, I use techniques that originate from the teaching of Tantra, I also use meditation, interviews, reflection, breathing exercises and other techniques of personal development. For me Tantra massage is not only a type of massage. It is a connection of body and mind, a link so neglected nowadays. It is a journey that should lead you to accepting yourself as a whole and to the understanding of your uniqueness in this world. Only when we are able to accept ourselves, can we experience the real feeling of calmness and contentedness which will shine around us and which people will sense very intensely. Tantra massage and Tantra itself doesn’t want to change you, it just wants to show you one of the possible ways; one of them is for example that open and conscious touch can heal not only our body, but also our soul. It can make you laugh or cry, it can give you the feeling of uniqueness, it can make the energy flow in your whole body, it can lead you to the essence of your existence, it can awaken every cell in your body, through touching you can experience desire, humbleness, deep relaxation, sensuality and excitement, and all this at the same time.

Massage education

  1. Tantra Massage Prague Ltd.: Course of Tantra massage for professional therapists.
  2. A course of sports and restorative massage accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education and Youth.

Workshops and seminars

  1. Tantra Massage Prague Ltd.: The course on the art of therapeutic interview.


  1. Therapeutic Tantra massage for men and women.
  2. Individual Tantra guidance and preparation for Tantra lovemaking for couples.
  3. Tantra massage lessons for individuals and groups.



I was very much delighted by Andrea’s kindness and I felt really great because of her warm receiving energy. Three hours of time went really fast just like 3 minutes. I had a great time and felt very relaxed. Andrea is very skillful and I felt she has a deep knowledge about Tantra and how to relax the muscles. Her hands were magical which produced a great sensation in my body. Her words of wisdom about how to handle the energy by breathing helped me a lot. As such a nice and very skilled person I could only recommend her. Thank you Andrea for giving me such a nice time! All the very best. Lots and lots of love from me I hope to come back again! See you next time.
I was very much delighted by Tantra Massage Praha. The Spa was clean and the masseuse was really kind also very skillful. I had great time with the masseuse Andrea. Best Regards
Many thanks again for the exceptional service provided at Tantra Massage Prague. I am a semi-retired guy and only discovered Tantric Massage two years ago. In my experience the Tantric Massage experience varies greatly. Unfortunately in the UK there are few places that offer what I now regard as a genuine Tantric experience. Firstly can I say how helpful your website is, it provides more information of what to expect than most, which is why I wanted to give it a try on my recent visit to Prague. I was particularly reassured by your description of how different people respond to the massage differently. I was only in Prague for six days but was able to visit on two occasions. As I’m sure Catherine and Andrea will tell you I do find real Tantric Massage intense and am very responsive to Tantric touch, to the extent that it becomes difficult to control both my body and emotions. I was aware of the masseuses’ slow deep breathing throughout (particularly Catherine) and that was a constant reminder to try to keep in tune with that. Ever since I have tried to spend a few minutes every day just sitting quietly doing breathing exercises and have afterwards been feeling a lot more relaxed in myself as a result. I also experienced two of the very best lingam massages I have ever had. I found the massages at your spa equally as invigorating, exciting, refreshing and relaxing! I only wish your facility was located in the UK, but you can be sure I will return if or when I visit Prague in the future. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to both Catherine and Andrea.
Andrea has magic hands and gave an outstanding massage. As in all tantra massages I kept my eyes closed, which greatly improved my fantasy. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
My entire experience with Tantra Massage Prague was excellent. My email inquiries were answered quickly and scheduling was very easy. Upon arrival I was impressed by the size and comfort of the location and as I was escorted to my room the quality and attention to detail are easy to see. My room was nicely decorated and created a nice relaxing atmosphere. When Andrea arrived she quickly helped to feel at ease as she described what the next three hours would involve, what I should expect and what I should do. The massage itself was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was more like three massages with reflexology and pressure points, some deep tissue and the warm rocks (my favorite part). Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Roberto, 49, United States
Dear Andrea,

I’d like to thank you again for a wonderful experience. It was my first massage and after three hours with you I regretted I had booked only three. I haven’t met such a delicately beautiful person with a gentle, sensitive and professional approach for a long time. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much. I wanted to ask you there and then but with all the impressions of the moment I didn’t, but: Is it normal that clients fall in love with you, or is it just my personal problem? Thank you once again.
Dear Andrea,
I’d like to thank you for Tantra massage that has stayed with me, because today I feel like a tree that sheds negative things and feels absolutely fine!!! I can recommend this to everyone – if you find a moment just for yourself, it’s the best thing you can do. A big thanks!
Alena, 35
We would like to express our thanks and gratefulness to masseuses Eva and Andrea for their amazing tantra massage. It was very delicate and energy driven. We totally enjoyed it!
Roselyne and Renaud
Many thanks to an excellent masseuse Andrea for her tantra massage yesterday. For the first time in several weeks I slept last night without getting any problems with my sinuses. I mentioned it yesterday and she did seem to focus on my head for a while, so I think that must have helped, I am still feeling the benefit of a wonderful 2 hours!!
The touch of body and soul, laughing and tears of joy. Thanks, great Andrea!
Jaro, 50
I would like to thank you for the massage. You took me into Paradise !!! There is a lot of positive energy inside of you and an you are unbelievably sensitive.
David, 44
Dear Andrea,

thanks to you I have moved the threshold of my perception. My state of mind was of course facilitated by the pleasant and nice atmosphere in your centre, but what I appreciate and treasure most was your tactful, cultivated and erudite approach. I came to you by coincidence, but thanks to your perfect professionalism and a kind expression I got much more than I would have ever expected of Tantra massage. I’d never have thought that it was possible to mediate so perfectly at least a part of another culture. Thank you. It will be a pleasure to come to you again.
I want to share my experience from the ritual of tantric massage for couples. For me and my wife it was a first-time experience and we decided for Tantra massage Prague studio because of other very good testimonials and we really liked the design of the studio and the website. Frankly, I was a little afraid, because I am naturally very shy, but our masseuses Andrea and Ellen were amazing. Both were very sensitive and extremely responsive. The fear and shame disappeared under their gentle strokes and amazing energy. I truly enjoyed the whole massage and my wife too. Thank you for a great experience.
Peter, 40
Dear Andrea,
I would like to thank you again for your amazing insightful tantra massage you gave me yesterday. You gave me a lot of strength, happiness and inner peace. You sent an angel to me. Thank you, Andrea!
Georg from Bavaria
I have experienced a “Tantric Initiation Ritual” with Andrea today and I can´t but write only this: it is such a pity there are no words to describe this experience. She was absolutely perfect in everything. Thank you very much for such an amazing experience.
Hi Andrea,

I had a tantra massage with you yesterday and I would like to thank you for the lovely experience. It was indeed profound. Really appreciate your dedication and contribution. Thanks and best wishes.
Manoj, 38
My dearest Andrea,

Once more, I would like to thank you by this letter for a very inspiring and unforgettable experience of tantric massage we enjoyed together yesterday. I am sure we will see each other soon again and I am looking forward to it already. You really are and extraordinary woman. I am grateful to have met you.
Peter, 37
I want to thank Miss Andrea for broadening my horizons and for a deep human experience. Tantra massage with you was not only great, but it left me with a lasting good feeling. I will definitely come be back for another massage.
Ladislav, 39
Dearest Andrea,
During my last tantra massage you showed me new horizons. I wouldn’t have expected I could experience something like that. I’ve felt like a different person since. Thank you!
Jakub, 42
It was a lazy Saturday morning, when I woke up for my tantra massage session in your Studio, but I couldn´t imagine what was ahead of me. I booked a session with Andrea and Sabina and didn’t really expect much, except of a really nice spirit and a usual professionalism of the studio. It was a mistake! Before I booked the massage I red a description of the masseuses, who were available, to make a best choice. I’m glad I didn’t pay any attention to physical characteristics (even if those two masseuses I picked are very beautiful), but I was more interested in their motivations and personal descriptions. I made my decision based on my intuition and it turned out to be a perfect combination. When I met Andrea and Sabina in the massage room, I was nicely surprised by their energy and presence. We had a brief, but good talk about my expectations and intent. I told them, that I loved the tantra massage to be intuitive, connecting and working with energy and I could really enjoy, when there was more presence to the touch and awareness and less need for a structure. I took a longer shower than usual, taking time to wash my mind away. I rang the bell, which was the signal, that I was ready, and that they could come in to start the massage.
I won’t tell you what exactly happened within the massage, because I want to let it as if it was happening in another time and space, in a sacred place. But I can say that from the beginning everything was purely ecstatic.
We naturally tuned into each other and let the energy express itself with consciousness and mutual respect. Our hearts and souls dictated our bodies. Our inner selves got in a sacred place, where they could express themselves with freedom and authenticity. No structure, only life energy flowing... I enjoyed this tantra massage in a way I rarely do. It was exceptional. I felt connected to myself and to my two goddesses in a natural and trusting way. I've never experienced a 4-handed tantra massage with two persons, who made me feel like there was only one goddess with 4 hands. Their intuition is so deep. I felt my body exploding with the orgasmic energy and the lingam massage was deep and wild. I felt like I let myself live.Three words I felt during and after the massage: fulfilled, loved and authentic. I have been living this energy since then. Pay respect to yourself and to the goddesses your meet along your way and it will be rewarding for your heart, your body and your soul. With unconditional love, Namaste
I would share my great experience with Tantra Massage Prague studio. I called in the afternoon to find out, if it would be possible to get a tantra-massage at 10pm. Young lady at the reception was very kind to check the possibilities. She contacted Andrea, who was willing to come at this late time. The young lady welcomed me, showed me the very nicely decorated and prepared room and served me tea and fruits, while I was waiting for Andrea. Andrea did explain me very well, clear and convincing way, how she sees and provides tantra massage. I happily agreed, and I felt that I can fully trust her. I enjoyed thereafter great two hours long Tantra Deluxe massage, under her experienced hands. Thank you Andrea for the best experience.
Hi Andrea,

Last week I had wonderful tantra massage with you and you have opened my horizon. Since than I have been feeling like a different person. Thank you!
Gregor from Switzerland
Dear friends,

I just want to thank you one more time for the beautiful experience of tantra massage we had this morning. I was personally delighted with Andrea, her approach, tenderness and commitment. She is a beautiful woman and I enjoyed every second of the massage. We come to Prague next spring again and Andrea will definitely be my only option for the massage again.
Drzislav, Croatia
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